You’ve Envisioned a More Beautiful World.

A world where your clients believe in themselves, their potential, and the vast possibilities of what they might be and do.

A world where they have unfettered access to the tools, resources, and belief systems they need to succeed.

A world where nothing is broken — which means there’s no need to sell a “fix.”

That vision you hold is also held by others.

We’re not alone in our dreaming.


Thousands of hands and hearts desire the same change.

And that vision has likely already inspired a movement.

One in which you and your business play an important role.

It might be one that strives to nurture our children’s curiosity and enthusiasm.

Or one that works to ensure our aging parents thrive with dignity and grace.

Or even one that celebrates healthy bodies, strong minds, or spirits unfurled and dancing in joy.

You may even lead one of these movements yourself.

But none of us does this work alone.

table round candles

We gather together.

In living rooms.

In chat rooms.

In ballrooms and coffee shops.

And we share our best ideas, our most thought-provoking questions, and when we can, a nourishing meal or two.

We circle the wagons and offer heart-felt support.

We have each other’s backs.

And each other’s futures.

Our communities are rich with orbits and anthems and rituals.

They’re made of complex and beautiful lives, stitched together by a common cause.

And they multiply our efforts and create ripples of change that we often don’t get to personally see.

What kind of community serves you and your mission best?

Do you collect connections and email addresses?

Or make new friends, allies, and partners?

Are you growing your network vast and wide?

Or meaningful and deep?

What’s true is that your business and mission touch many:

  • Employees and contractors
  • Vendors and partners
  • Peers and colleagues
  • Audience and clients

These folks are attracted by your values, aspirations and unique perspective.

They stick around because you make them feel at home. You make them feel seen, heard, and important.

And they’ll bring a fierce commitment to creating something with and for you as long as they can see how that benefits them.

Join us for MULTIPLY.

We’ll learn about and create various kinds of groups, tribes, and circles to help you accomplish your mission.

You’ll choose a project uniquely suited to the needs of your business and audience.

The fieldwork you do will help you multiply the depth and breadth of your relationships while you integrate the learning.

We’ll explore and discuss various topics, including:

  • Email marketing – using it in new ways to ensure the loop of engagement goes beyond you and the reader
  • Referral Partnerships and other co-op marketing efforts
  • Private Facebook groups (both free and as add-on to paid programs)
  • In-person Meet-up groups and circles
  • Professional associations
  • Licensed/certified team members
  • Mastermind groups
  • Employees and peers

This 8-week module consists of:

  • A fieldwork project of your choice with mentoring and brainstorming provided by me and your cohort
  • Two live group teaching/coaching calls (90 min ea)
    :: May 10th @ 10 a.m. PST
    :: June 30th @ 3:30 p.m PST
  • Three live smaller group mastermind sessions (60 min ea) :: Your choice of dates/times:
    :: Mondays, May 16, June 6, & June 20 @ 3:00 p.m. PST
    :: Wednesdays, May 18, June 8, & June 22 @ 11 a.m. PST
    :: Thursdays, May 19, June 9, & June 23 @ 9:30 a.m. PST
  • Reading, coursework, and recorded guest interviews
  • Private Facebook group for further connection and mentoring

Our Guest Mentors

These folks will join us for live conversations complete with time for Q&A. (We’ll record and transcribe these so you can review again and again).

Please join us! Completion of this module earns you 12 Resource Development CCEs and will prepare you for the next course: MAGNIFY – where we’ll focus on developing fabulous partners and win-win-win projects.

Questions? Let’s chat and see if this program is right for you.

NOTE: Payment plans and non-US pricing available. Please email me for details.

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